Radical Presentation 1.x to Radical 2.x for .NET Core

Main facts

Starting with V2 radical Framework supports only .NET Core 3, the Radical package targets netstandard2.0 and the Radical.Windows package targets netcoreapp3.0. WPF .NET Framework (what is generally referred as full framework) projects are not supported.
The Radical.Windows.Presentation package has been merged into Radical.Windows and by default the default IoC container provided by Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection will be used. V2.0.0 supports external DI/IoC containers via generic host support.

New XML namespaces

New XML namespaces have been defined, the following is the list of the new namespaces:
  • http://schemas.radicalframework.com/windows/behaviors
  • http://schemas.radicalframework.com/windows/input
  • http://schemas.radicalframework.com/windows
  • http://schemas.radicalframework.com/windows/converters
  • http://schemas.radicalframework.com/windows/controls
  • http://schemas.radicalframework.com/windows/effects
  • http://schemas.radicalframework.com/windows/markup
  • http://schemas.radicalframework.com/windows/regions
The existing XML namespaces, starting with http://schemas.topics.it/wpf/radical/*, can still be used but should be considered as obsolete and will be removed in V3.

Breaking changes

Message broker IMessage support

The IMessage interface has been removed, message broker supports only POCO messages in V2.

IEntityView custom properties

Entity view AddPropertyMapping has been renamed to AddCustomProperty, RemovePropertyMapping to RemoveCustomProperty, and IsPropertyMappingDefined to IsCustomPropertyDefined

XML namespaces

  • XML namespace definition http://schemas.topics.it/wpf/radical/windows/presentation/regions changed to http://schemas.topics.it/wpf/radical/windows/regions.
  • XML namespace definition http://schemas.topics.it/wpf/radical/windows/presentation/behaviors changed to http://schemas.topics.it/wpf/radical/windows/behaviors.

Removed and changed types and namespaces

  • The type Fact has been removed. AutoCommandBinding supports boolean properties and regular property changed notifications.
  • The RadicalWpfApplication type has been removed. If a DoEvents-like implementation is really needed original code can be copy/pasted from GitHub commits history.
  • EntityValidationService<T> has been removed in favor of DataAnnotationValidationService<T>.
  • ApplicationBootstrapper has been obsoleted in favor of the new AddRadicalApplication<TMainView>() extension method.
    • All virtual members are now sealed.
    • It will be removed in v3.
  • Application configuration was previously part of the ApplicationBootstrapper class. Configuration options have been moved to the BootstrapConfiguration class. To customize the Radical application behavior through the BootstrapConfiguration class use the following AddRadicalApplication overload: AddRadicalApplication( config => { ... }). For more information refer to the application configuration section.
  • GetValidationService() has been removed from AbstractViewModel and AbstractMementoViewModel. Use the new protected ValidationService property to set the current validation service instance.
  • Radical.Windows.Presentation namespace has been merged into Radical.Windows.
  • the Topics namespace prefix has been dropped, the new root namesapce is Radical.
  • WpfDispatcher type has been made internal.
  • The AutoComplete behavior has been removed. To replace it, a sample demonstrating how to integrate with a third-party library is available in the autocomplete sample folder.

Behavior changes

  • External IoC containers are supported via generic host support.
  • Custom IoC registrations require the creation of a dependency installer.
  • Services override is not supported anymore. In 1.x it was possible to override an existing radical default service by registering a custom one in the IoC container of choice. The feature wil be reintroduced in a future minor release along with support for external IoC containers

How to migrate a Radical .NET Framework project to Radical for .NET Core 3

  1. 1.
    Create a new .NET Core 3 WPF project with the same name of the project you want to migrate
  2. 2.
    Replace the .NET Framework csproj file with the file of the project created at step 1 (the .NET Core project automatically adds all the files found in the current folder of the project, no manual changes are needed)
  3. 3.
    Create appsettings.json and copy the needed settings from app.config
  4. 4.
    Delete app.config
  5. 5.
    If AssemblyInfo.cs contains information that need to be migrated:
    • Rename AssemblyInfo.cs to AssemblyInfo.old.cs
    • Copy AssemblyInfo.old.cs to the root of the project
  6. 6.
    Delete the Properties folder
  7. 7.
    Copy AssemblyInfo.cs from the project created on step 1 to the root project folder
    • If needed copy information from AssemblyInfo.old.cs to AssemblyInfo.cs and delete AssemblyInfo.old.cs
  8. 8.
    Add all the NuGet references a PackageReference to the new project:
    • Take note of the NuGet references from the packages.config file
    • Add the needed references from NuGet
    • Delete packages.config file
  9. 9.
    "Find and Replace":
    • using Topics.Radical -> using Radical
    • using Radical.Windows.Presentation.ComponentModel -> using Radical.Windows.ComponentModel
    • using Radical.Windows.Presentation.Messaging -> using Radical.Windows.Messaging
    • http://schemas.topics.it/wpf/radical/ -> http://schemas.radicalframework.com/
    • http://schemas.microsoft.com/expression/2010/interactivity -> http://schemas.microsoft.com/xaml/behaviors
    • Broadcast(new CloseViewRequest(this)) -> Broadcast(this, new CloseViewRequest(this))
  10. 10.
    "Find and Remove"
    • http://schemas.radicalframework.com/windows/presentation/behaviors (behaviors are now in http://schemas.radicalframework.com/windows/behaviors)
    • using Radical.Windows.Presentation.Boot;
  11. 11.
    Look at all the obsolete warnings and adjust code as necessary