Generic routed event handler to command behavior


Imagine that you need to handle from the ViewModel the SelectedIndexChanged of a WPF TreeView, currently the only way (without using any particular framework) is to build your own behavior to achieve that, or bind, via a style the IsSelected property of the node to a property of the view model, but in this second case the side effect is that to find the selected item you need to visit the whole tree.

Radical “Handle”

<TreeView Margin="5" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" VerticalAlignment="Stretch"
ItemsSource="{Binding Path=MyListOfElements}">
<behaviors:Handle RoutedEvent="TreeView.SelectedItemChanged"
WithCommand="{Binding Path=MyAmazingCommand}"
PassingIn="$args.NewValue" />
<!-- omitted -->

As you can imagine the value of the NewValue property of the event arguments is passed as the command parameter to the command, we currently support as placeholder:

  • $args: the routed event arguments;

  • $this: the WPF element the behavior is attached to;

  • $source: the source of the routed event;

  • $originalSource: the original source of the routed event;


  • the event identified by the RoutedEvent property must be a valid WPF RoutedEvent.

  • the bound command identified by the WithCommand property must be a valid ICommand, AutoCommandBinding is not supported.

The behavior is defined in the xml namespace.