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Our first aim is to remove friction, it is not always easy and cannot be done every single time, but one thing that can give a lot of benefits in this area is to move from a configuration based toolkit to a convention based toolkit, we suppose that this concept is widely accepted and is nothing new.
What happens when these lines of code are executed:
public partial class App : Application
public App()
A lot of things:
  1. 1.
    The application Startup event is wired;
  2. 2.
    When the Startup event is fired:
    1. 1.
      Assemblies are scanned looking for all types
    2. 2.
      ServiceCollection is configured using the bootstrap conventions;
    3. 3.
      The Inversion of Control container is created;
    4. 4.
      The main window (the one identified by the TShellView generic parameter) is resolved and shown;